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About Hayami Visa Support Office

Welcome to Hayami Visa Support Office.
We take procedures to the Japanese Immigration Bureau on behalf of you who want to come to Japan and stay for working and or other purposes in order that you may get visa and finally status of residence. In order to get visa, it is definitely and practically indispensable to get COE (certificate of eligibility) for status of residence before you come to Japan and or if you stay here in Japan and want to change to another status of residence, you have to prepare various documents and submit them to the Immigration Bureau by yourself. In fact, it will take you quite a lot of time and labor. Therefore, we offer you full support and assistance as an immigration lawyer authorized by the Osaka Immigration Bureau so that you can get visa and come to Japan and live a peaceful and blessed life and attain your final goal.
We also offer you a special service to inform you of the deadline of your permission of residence just in time so that you can alter your permission of residence without fail. And furthermore, we offer you very useful update on Japanese social system and or legal alteration indispensable to your stay and life in Japan.

Hayami Visa Support Office

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