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Japan’s immigration control is based on a law called the Immigration Control and Refuge Recognition Act (in short the Immigration Control Act). The Immigration Control Act lists the status of residence (refer to the next page) for those entering Japan to engage in activities, and their status or position (such as spouse of a Japanese). Foreign nationals whose planned activities do not correspond to any of those on the list will not be permitted to enter Japan. Therefore, foreign nationals staying Japan have their status of residence.

Compatibility with the status of residence and with the criteria is the most major concern in the landing examination and therefore, discreet and careful examination for this requirement is conducted with various documentation and some lengthy timeframe.
Therefore, if you wish to enter Japan and obtain any status of residence, you should get a certificate of eligibility (COE). This document ensures the compatibility with the status of residence etc. in advance to entry to Japan. If you show it to the local Japanese consular office, you will get VISA for entry to Japan. And when you enter Japan and show it to an immigration inspector, he can easily decide on the compatibility of the status of residence which you want to get.
We take necessary procedures to the Immigration Bureau so as to get a COE on your behalf.



When you want to engage in a quite different and new activity under the status of residence, you have to change the status of residence and so you are required to get permission to change the status of residence (e.g. in case that a student wishes to be employed in Japan upon graduation).


If you want to extend the period of stay under the same status of residence, you have to get the permission from the Immigration Bureau.
We take necessary procedures to get the permission on your behalf.

If any foreign nationals overstay in Japan after they exceed the period of stay, they will be deported from Japan forcibly and or if they violate the Japanese Immigration Law, they will get very severe penalties.
Therefore, you must pay special attention to your limit of stay in Japan. However, actually, not a few foreign nationals tend to fail to take an action for extending the period of stay in time and then are regarded as persons who remain illegally and as a result will be deported from Japan. Please note that those who have been deported are not allowed to come to Japan for at least 5 years.